Currently all releases are BETA-software! The first non-beta release will be called 1.0.

Release 0.1.5 2007-03-29 (2605 downloads) changelog
A whitespace issue was fixed (thanks to Nicolas).
Recursive array and object dumps are about to 10% faster.
Release 0.1.4 2007-03-17 (73 downloads)
lot of work has been done to improve and extend functionallities. Most important are the changes to the database dumper plugin: There is a new one for the connection objects/resources.
This will be the last release of the 0.1 branch except for bug fixes. I'm working on 0.2 now
  • No longer available
Release 0.1.3 2007-03-14 (19 downloads)
fixes two display-related bugs
  • No longer available
Release 0.1.2 2007-03-13 (9 downloads)
One day late, but a big step forward – hopefully. Main changes are:
A workaround for PHP installations with XDebug
Significante smaller output thanks to the javascript packer by Dean Edwards, adopted for PHP 5 by Nicolas Martin
  • No longer available
Release 0.1.1 2007-03-06 (23 downloads)
Fixed a javascript issue which prevented Firefox 1.5 and Opera 9.10 from working.
Fixed an issue with non-unicode characters from Dumpers.
Small CSS fixes
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Release 0.1 2007-03-06 (7 downloads)
This is my initial release. See System Requirements for more information.
There is some documentation in the source, but it may be outdated. As I guess, there will be a lot of work to be done as soon as I get some response, and I will update the documentation due to the next release
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