2007-03-29 0.1.5

This release makes array and object dump 10% faster.

To give you some more news: I'm working on 0.2 and it will bring something like an observer and ajax-stuff, including an online configuration tool. I'm trying hard that it still works out of the box. [Of course that is only true if there is no conflict with the platform you are working on. If you have trouble in some environment, please let me know.]

2007-03-17 Ok, another one

Release 0.1.4 is ready, and this one should be the last before 0.2 – unless I find any sore bugs. I implemented a better support for Databases and fixed some other issues.

HLI was never meant to become such a big project, and the code looks wia Kraut und Rüam as we say in Bavaria (LEO translates this as higgledy-piggledy). So now it is time to do some restructuring and re-implementation. API's will change and everything will become more flexible.

This will take some time, so don't hold your breath.

2007-03-14 Version 0.1.3 released

Fixes the issues mentioned in the last news entry.

2007-03-13 I'm sorry!

There are some bugs in the version released tonight that I will fix during the up-coming night: Free positioned dump windows do not have a maximum height; mysqli-dumps display XML-tags when a result field is empty; and some more. Version 0.1.3 will be available tomorrow, so if you do not have a good reason for updating to 0.1.2, you should wait. Sorry for that.

2007-03-13 Version 0.1.2 released

Lots of bug fixes and improvements. Got to downloads for a full changelog.

2007-03-10 Workaround for XDebug-issue comming soon

If nothing bad is happening the next release will be ready in the early morning (UTC) of monday 2007-03-12.

I think that it is not possible to parse the var_dump() printed by XDebug in a usefull way (and working with more than just one version of XDebug). A temporally workaround is to display the unmodified dump of XDebug inside HLI. This has the drawback that highlighting colors are inconsistent and some features like folding are not working. I've written to the developers of XDebug for a way to fix this and to get access to the original PHP var_dump() function.

Next release will also fix the missing backtrace if using ifpre() or ifex(), will bring static properties (except for the value of private ones), reduce created code size and many more improvements.

2007-03-06 New version 0.1.1 works with Firefox 1.5 and Opera 9.10

A javascript issue was found and fixed, so the new release work both on Firefox 1.5 and Opera 9.10. Note that the XDebug issue has NOT been fixed yet.

2007-03-06 Problems with XDebug

Thanks to my brother, HLI has been tested on some environments I do not have easy access to (or do not have the time to think about). So HLI does not work in combination with XDebug. The reason is that XDebug changes the way var_dump() works. var_dump() is used in the Recursive Plugin and is parsed and eval'd (as this was the only way to get private properties in PHP 5.2 and avoid infinit recursions). I'll have to write an alternate parser for the var_dump of XDebug. This may take some time.

2007-03-06 I just heard that there are still problems with HLI.

While I am not surprised, I thank you for every good bug report. To be helpful it would be best if you write an email including the function call you did and a var_dump() or print_r() of that variable you dumped. Please also provide system information like operating system, PHP version, Apache Version. It wouln't be overdoing it if you sent me a phpinfo() file.

2007-03-06 Initial Release 0.1

Maybe this is a little bit quick done, but I cannot wait to get it to the people.

HLI [ˈheɪːli] is a variable inspector written for and in PHP 5. Its purpose is to replace var_dump() and give you as much useful information about a variable as possible.

Get current Release!

Works with most page layouts
HLI uses (almost) only div and span with inline CSS to make sure that it is displayed correctly inside your project.
Recursive Dumps
With only one little function you get all values highlighted from any variable.
API's and Documentation
Get access to the full API of any class. If it is your own code, you will also see PHPDocumentor documentation and function source code.
Know Where You Are
HLI prints a backtrace for every dump. However, it makes sure you don't get more information than you need. Type-highlighted arguments will be shortened as needed to get a quick overview and make parameters distinguishable. Furthermore HLI will cut off common project paths automatically or configureably. So you see only the path information you need. If you want to take a quick look at the code surrounding a breakpoint, HLI has it right there.
Plugin Support
Without dump plugins, HLI will display a counterpart to a simple (string) conversion of the value. But with plugins it may dump anything in an appropriated way. At the moment of writing, HLI already comes with Plugins for XML/DOM, SimpleXML, MySQL/MySQLi, PDO, directory resources/objects, gd-resources and serialized strings.
Throw any variable or literal value in, and you get a full dump in nicely formatted valid XHTML. HLI will not destroy the validity of your page – if it would be valid without HLI – and you do the dump at a place where a block-level element is allowed.